New Addition to Teeling Whiskey

11/02/13 : From Liquid Gold Magazine…

The Teeling Whiskey Company is setting the pace these days, with a third release in only four months. This one is just called “Teeling Whiskey” so I think we can reasonably suppose it represents the company’s house style and aspirations.

There are lots of hints from the bottle that Teeling is setting its roots deep in Dublin distilling history. “Since 1782″ flanks what I take to be a phoenix rising from the heat of a pot still. This refers to the recorded involvement of the Teeling family in whiskey manufacture way back then. There has been no distilling in Dublin since the 1970s so this is a marker that Jack Teeling intends to revive it. The “Spirit of Dublin” above the name underscores that intention.

The overall effect of the label recalls the era when the front page of a newspaper was an image-free jumble of typefaces and styles. That and the black bottle (actually dark green) recall the 1890s when the Dublin distillers were riding high and had yet to succumb to the fashion for blends.