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Label Embellishments

Our print capacity includes all forms of label embellishments such as foiling, embossing, screen varnish , tactile varnish and bespoke die-cutting.

  • Foiling: (hot or cold foiling) gives a premium look to a label and is used typically in the wine and spirit industry or luxurious products to enhance the overall look of the label.
  • Embossing: embossing raises the surface of a particular element of the label giving stand out presence on the shelf. It also has a tactile effect drawing the attention of the end user to linger over the product
  • Bespoke Die Cutting: Irregular shaped labels lend a special identity to a label differentiating it from its counterparts on the shelf.
  • Spot Varnish: Varnishing a particular area or element of a label can add an interesting dimension to the label and highlight an area – whether using a gloss on certain parts of an overall matt label or vice versa, this is one of the least expensive forms of label embellishment.
  • Fragrant Varnish: This is still relatively uncommon – an overall varnish is applied and when the varnish is in contact with skin or “rubbed”, it releases a slightly fragranced aroma (fruit, flower, citrus etc).
  • Full Varnish: Application of an all – over UV flexo varnish gives extra protection to the label. It helps avoid scuffing and general abrasion during packaging, transport and handling.
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